Why choose
a web agency for
his website?

Optimize the creation of a "merchant or showcase site"

Site audit


An experience in
web development

In order to master the techniques related to Web development and create competitive websites like for instance Investissement Locatif, it is necessary to have a varied knowledge of programming languages.

The experienced web developer is able to adapt to changing technologies. To succeed in his/her many missions, the specialist must know how to manage stress. A good developer must be creative, he/she must know how to train himself/herself during his/her career.

When we talk about jobs related to Web development, we must distinguish between front-end and back-end developers. While front-end specialists deal with the visible part of websites, expert back-end developers are interested in the invisible elements such as server management, databases, application creation, administration of the payment method for an e-commerce portal.

An experience in web development

The zoning,
Wireframe and prototype
of the website

To optimize the ergonomics of a website, one must master certain terms such as zoning, wireframe as well as the prototype.

When you have to start a project by contacting a web agency or by doing it yourself, you will have to go through a design phase. The most crucial part in the success of the project is the interface design, a good example of a successful design being Real Estate For All.

The latter comes into play at the beginning of the project’s implementation. The interface changes according to the modifications of the site. To design the visual of a web portal, it is necessary to master the preliminary stages, namely the prototype, wireframe and zoning. If the first phase of the design of a site is the zoning, the second and third stages are the wireframe and the prototype.

The model,
putting online
and the follow-up of the digital project

In order to have more quickly a model in conformity with his expectations, it is recommended to give the content designer a fixed zoning.

This will allow specialists to focus on the graphic aspect of the site. This precaution makes it possible not to mix the upstream reflection phase with the production phase.

To succeed in putting a site online, one must create a sufficient number of models. In some cases, useful pages may be overlooked during the graphic phase. The digital project follow-up allows to identify the 404 pages, the maintenance page, the legal notices…

A web agency: to digitalize a company!


A web agency creates a good website like V Immobilier for example, within the deadline and budget proposed.

Mobile Applications

Some web agencies offer among their services the creation and development of web and mobile applications.

Business software

Tailor-made business software is created when software packages do not meet the needs of companies.


The newsletter is part of an e-marketing classic.

Landing pages

Landing page,
useful in imbound marketing


SEO, social media
& webmarketing

The purpose of an SEO agency is to define the social and e-marketing strategies in order to develop the natural referencing, the perennial activity and the web traffic of a site. The role of the digital agency is to offer its clients qualified web traffic. To achieve this, the social media agency’s mission is to develop and create digital communication actions. The objective of Webmarketing is to boost the visibility, optimize the activity and promote the reputation of a company on the web. The specialist can also take care of a netlinking campaign.